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How Often Should You Reseal Your Concrete?

Protect Your Home With Regular Concrete Sealing

Whether you have stamped concrete, decorative concrete, or a simple concrete floor in your garage, basement, or patio, sealing your floor is the best and surest way to prevent degradation and keep it looking tip-top for years to come. When you seal your concrete floor you provide a barrier. It...
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Why Concrete Cracks

Concrete develops cracks at quite the high frequency. The reasons for these imperfections are wide ranging. It is nearly impossible to produce concrete that stays free from cracks for a long period of time. The only way to prevent concrete from cracking is to leave it in the truck.  This is primarily due to the...
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Concrete Sealers – Protect and Beautify After You Paint Or Stain

Concrete is not only one of the oldest types of construction materials in use, but it is also the most commonly used man-made material. Concrete can be manufactured for use in a wide range of applications, including floors and countertops. One of the best benefits of concrete is the wide range of surface finishes that...
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Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete

Many people have a hard time choosing between pavers or stamped concrete for their new or renovated outdoor area. Every aspect of your home is an investment, even your exterior surroundings. Walkways, driveways and backyard patios all provide pathways that should be tied together to accent and enhance the overall personal and architectural style of your home. This...
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