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Covered Patio Ideas for the Backyard

When summer comes to the greater Houston and Galveston area, the hot weather makes it more difficult to enjoy spending time on your backyard patio. However, this doesn't have to be the case. What's called for is protection from the sun while still allowing for sufficient air flow. There are a number of options for...
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Upgrade Your Pergola with Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate Pergolas Have Endless Benefits

Deciding to transform your patio into a comfortable outdoor sanctuary of relaxation is easy. Pergolas and patio covers let you spend time in your landscape even on the most sweltering of summer days.

A pergola is the ideal solution to complement or complete an outdoor space. Depending on...

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Your Perfect Pergola: Cedar or Aluminum?

What Makes The Best Pergolas

The recipe for designing and building a pergola is one part art, one part science. It's art because a pergola can transform a patio into an extension of your indoor living space, built and designed to reflect your home’s personality. It's also science because a pergola can provide shade--respite from the...
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Ideas For Designing the Ultimate Houston Outdoor Kitchen

A current and well received trend for homeowners is to create an outdoor kitchen, and why not? Enjoying the outdoors is made even more pleasurable with the addition of a functional kitchen space. It also has the benefit of keeping the heat from cooking out of the home during the hot summer months. Whether you...
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