Katy Outdoor Kitchen Designs

One of the most common designs in Katy Outdoor Kitchens is as follows:

  • 36" gas grill (can service at least 8 burgers, etc.)
  • Storage under cabinets.
  • Earth tone final finish on cabinets, stucco, ameristone, etc.
  • Lights under bar area.
  • Raised bar with lower bar to serve children.
  • Back splash  behind grill area.
  • 12' to 15' cabinet size.
  • Drawers (great place to put your bbq stuff and misc.)
  • Power burner are nice but you have to watch where you put it, child can pull over pots and pans at that height.
  • Almost always has a cover on top of kitchen, who wants to cook in the sun or rain.
  • Sinks are nice for cleaning up, but it depends on how much it cost to tie into the sewer lines. Also French drains are a great way to get rid of grey water instead of  tying into the sewer line.

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