Garage Floors by Increte of HoustonIncrete of Houston has provided exceptional garage flooring solutions to Houstonians for over 25 years. As a full service concrete company, we have excellent craftsmanship and competitive prices. By using the latest technologies, it is possible to achieve many unique looks for your garage floor surface or any other surface.

A garage floor coating is one of the most cost effective ways to enhance and protect a garage floor. The science behind epoxy garage floors makes them great for extended use with minimal upkeep. Coatings can be used in combination with other cement effects in order to mimic other surfaces such as marble or slate.

Concrete Garage Floors by Increte of HoustonSealers can be used to add coloration and hide imperfections of garage floors. A sealer can also improve the resistance of the floor to everyday wear and tear. Sealants are available in many different colors which can give your garage floor a very unique appearance. Paint chips or quartz can also be incorporated into the sealer, giving it a textured appearance which makes it even more attractive. Through the use of garage floor finishes, it is possible for you to achieve results that would not be possible with concrete alone. It can be customized to add shine and color.