Blake Stokes was born in Houston and spent his growing up years in Temecula, CA. Throughout his childhood he worked for his father's construction business. Working in this field at an early age planted a seed that sprouted into the tools, knowledge and experience he has today.

In his own words Blake says, "Construction is all I have ever known. It is in my blood. Some people have a negative paradigm about working in the construction field, but I absolutely love it. Nothing makes me happier than putting a smile on my customer's face after I have designed a back yard that they can enjoy for a lifetime. It is really fulfilling."

Blake attended college in California at Palomar Community College and is now enrolled at Wharton County Junior College. He is working towards a degree in education. He hopes to one day be a middle school mathematics teacher.

Blake has been employed at Increte of Houston for the past four years. The philosophy he uses in everyday life is to be honest. He believes trust is the foundation for every healthy relationship. He is one of those guys that will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. His desire to help other people and his dedication to the process make him a pleasure to work with. The owner of Increte, his uncle Bill Stokes says, "We are glad to have Blake on board. We are confident you will be too, after he designs the back yard of your dreams."

Contact Blake Stokes today via email at or by calling his mobile phone at 713-398-6901.